Haircuts for Women, Men, & Children

Clean up your look with a trim, or create a whole new style! Our staff will help you decide what is the best look for your lifestyle and face shape.

Teen & Senior Haircut $34

Kids under 12 $17

Single Process Color

Alter your natural hair color and get rid of those stubborn greys with a single-processing treatment. Our experienced stylists help you choose the right shade to match your features. Add some dimension to your single process service with some foil highlights or lowlights.

Single Process Color Roots only $90 and up   

Single Process Color Roots to ends $100 and up

Single Process Color Roots only with 6-8 Foils $115 and up

Single Process Color Half Head $135 and up

Single Process Color Roots and Full Foil $200 and up

Hair Glazing or Toner Add-On $20

Mens Gray Blending with Haircut $50

$100 & up

Foil Highlighting

Add dimension to your hair employing one or a few different shades, and or, tones. Our staff will help you decided just which tones are right for you.


Half Head Foils Only (top half of the head) $110 and up

Full Head Foils Only $145 and up

$175 & up

Creative Color

This service includes Ombre and Balayage techniques, as well as Bold and Vibrant block coloring. Trust our hair artists with any creative look you are looking to achieve.

$150 + up

Corrective Color

When you want to go a color lighter or darker, corrective coloring is the perfect treatment for you. Please be aware that some of the corrective colors may take time to process with additional appointments necessary to ensure the best health for your tresses.

$100/ hr

Hair Styling for Any Occasion

Formal Styling $70 & up

Whether you are going to a prom, wedding, or any other special occasion, our stylists will make your hair look beautiful. Each styling treatment includes the use of a thermal heating tool, leaving your hair up, partially, or completely down. We advise clients to wash and dry their hair the day prior, and come in with dry hair. The style will hold up better when it has not been freshly washed.

Wash and Style $24 and up

Shampoo, Cut, Blowdry and Style (flat ironing, curling) $45 and up

These traditional, classic, or modern approaches using our advanced techniques, will create just the look you were hoping for using the finest salon products.

$30 -$80

Clarifying Treatments

Clients who have well water running through their pipes, or those that spend a lot of time in chlorinated water will benefit from our clarifying treatments. These treatments remove unwanted residue without damaging the hairs natural oils. Give your hair the boost it needs with a clarifying treatment for only $15, in addition to any of our other services.

$25 + up

Conditioning Treatments

A good conditioning treatment is perfect for damaged, lifeless locks, as conditioning restores hair to shiny, healthy perfection. This treatment costs $15, in addition to any of our other services.

$25 + up

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment

KeraTriplex Treatment, transforms weak, broken, and brittle strands into pillars of strength and protects from further damage. Each treatment costs, $20, in addition to any of our other services.

$30 + up

Olaplex Conditioning Treatment

Olaplex multiplies bonds in the hair, resulting in stronger, healthier hair with better color retention and vibrancy. Each treatment costs, $20, in addition to any of our other services.

$20 + 40

Hair Extensions

Enjoy long, luscious locks without having to wait! Achieve an instant, beautiful, long mane when you rely on the simple application of human hair extensions. Extensions give your hairstyle a more dramatic, voluminous look. They are easy to apply with the help of our extension specialists. This service price does not include the cost of the hair.

Tape In $200 & up

$200 + up

Waxing Services

For a clean, hairless look, we tweeze and wax any area of your choice, whether for the eyebrows, upper lip, or chin.

Pricing for one area $14, and for two areas $23.

$15 and up


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130 & up

Texturizing Services

Change the texture of your hair in one appointment. If you have curly, unruly hair or fine hair that lacks body, we have special services just for you. All of these services include a haircut and style.

Permanent Wave $90 & up

Semi- Permanent Keratin Treatment (lasts 6-8 weeks) $66 & up

Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment (last 3-6 months) $220 & up

$70 + up

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